we are

Thoughtful & Intentional Craftsmen

Building beautiful and memorable architectural millwork, custom residential homes, and commercial spaces in New England

We are a Maine-based construction company defined by passion, quality, and dedication to residential and commercial design. We are invigorated by the process of creating something extraordinary from where only a thought was before. The materials we choose define the character of the spaces we build and the individuals that reside within them. A rich history of thoughtful building lays the foundation for our approach, while the latest techniques refine our perspective. With complete collaboration throughout the process, our team of builders, clients, and subcontractors work together to create timeless home and commercial spaces.

Authentic Building & Construction

We are artists, craftsmen, and builders who specialize in building and renovating residences and commercial spaces. From local homes to restaurants, shops, and retail, we define beautiful designs with a holistic approach. The latest thinking in building science and a thoughtful consideration of materials and structure guides our longstanding dedication to creating beautiful spaces in Maine.

salvaged door, unique home lighting